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become bubbly or frothy or foaming

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Just as in the soda bottle, the nitrogen gas within the blood and tissues can form bubbles when pressure is changed too quickly (rapid ascent).
The sky is dramatically delineated with circles of brackish brown paint that form bubbles of unpainted canvas.
Gas is forced to form bubbles at the orifice via the gas chamber.
When the pressure goes down inside the bag, some of those gases form bubbles in the fluid.
As gas-charged magma makes its way to Earth's surface, where pressures are much lower, the gases--water vapor, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and others--begin to form bubbles within the material.
The scientists form bubbles that are around 50 micrometres in size from lecithin membranes, which are similar to biological membranes.
The reduced pressure in the chamber causes the dissolved hydrogen to come out of solution in the melt and either escape from the sample through the molten surface or form bubbles in the solidifying sample.
As the deep water rose, dissolved carbon dioxide came out of solution to form bubbles, just as soda fizzes when one uncaps a bottle.