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the basic unit of money in Hungary

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The government provided 21.9 million forint ($84,740), compared to 19 million forint ($73,520) in 2016, in the form of one-year grants to one NGO to run two temporary shelters that could assist eight victims each with accommodation, psycho-social, and legal support.
The forint, Hungarian government bonds and Budapest's stock market have surged by 19 percent this year and have outperformed Central European peers.
Positive impact of forint appreciation will be countered by the depletion of the smartphone upgrade engine, resulting in the handset segment underperforming the growth trend prior to 2014 during the initial smartphone boom.
A slowdown in tablet sales and the fact desktop and notebook upgrade demand was brought forward to 2014 by XP support withdrawal, will exacerbate the negative impact of depreciation of the forint in 2015.
They included lifting the current financial transaction tax and raising existing charges on telephone calls and mining royalties for what some analysts said was around 100 billion forints ($459.68 million).
Its value is reflected in sales of the forint at the Post Office - up 141% year on year.
Hungary's currency the forint fell Wednesday following a report that Economy Minister Gyorgy Matolcsy, seen as something of an economic maverick, is set to take over as governor of the central bank.
The zloty has gone down 23.1%, the forint is down 20.8% and the South African rand has dipped 16.1%.
LONDON: The Hungarian forint skidded more than 1 percent against the euro on Monday after Budapest requested help from the IMF while Egypt's debt insurance costs blew out 60 basis points to 2-1/2 year highs as pre-election violence accelerated in Cairo.
Under the bill, which was instituted to make Hungarians healthier, energy drinks will be taxed 300 ($1.63) forints per liter, salted snacks 400 per kilogram, ice cream 100 per kilogram, instant soup 500 per kilogram and candy 200 forint per kilogram.
In February, the bank had announced its plans to purchase forint mortgage debt to reduce premiums and encourage cheaper credit in local currency.
BNP advises clients to take "long" positions in the rand, shekel and lira while "shorting" the Hungarian forint, Polish zloty and Czech koruna, Elisabeth Gruie, an emerging-market currency strategist in London, told Bloomberg agency.
An amendment mandating the release of 19 billion forint (70.48 million euro) of public debt was included in the 2010 budget to give the state the option of regaining a stake in Hungarian flag carrier Malev, finance minister Peter Oszko said, the Budapest Times reported on December 10.
31 was 5.8 billion forint ($26.8 million), with sales of 28.5 billion forint, the Budapest-based company said.
Worried about the danger that a falling forint and rising taxes will push inflation far above what the monetary authorities deem acceptable, the Central Bank has yanked up its key lending rate.