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Synonyms for forgiving

Synonyms for forgiving

inclined or able to forgive and show mercy


providing absolution

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Shriver's summary biblical exposition is directed to show how forgiving was understood politically, even in the New Testament: Jesus was the discoverer of social forgiveness (Arendt is now too easily quoted here) and forgiveness was understood in the early church as basic to community building.
One reason may be that by forgiving, the victim no longer dwells on the offense, which helps it fade from memory.
Volf writes of giving and forgiving with mature understanding.
Baldwin touched a nerve in Sherrills, who for the first time was able to "stop blaming and start forgiving.
She went on, 'Instead see forgiving him as a step of faith.
Like the elder son in Jesus' story about a rebellious son and a forgiving father, they felt that someone was getting away with it.
For example, college students may be less forgiving and have more anxiety than their same-gender parents, specifically when looking at a developmentally relevant area (Subkoviak et al.
Imagine sitting with a roomful of people praying at midnight when suddenly the heavens shake and open, revealing a forgiving God who is listening to the words of repentance.
I measured, basically, people's tendency to be forgiving and partners' tendencies to engage in verbal and physical aggression.
We will go beyond seeing only where others have hurt us and be ready to see where we too may have provoked them to hurt us, so that forgiving and being forgiven will become possible.
Life's too short to bear a grudge, so I'd like you to consider forgiving your aunt.
I tell groups, "I can teach you skills in dealing with anger and conflict, but in the end, particularly if there's a rupture in the group, you have to learn to make a decision to be forgiving.
On the cross, God the victim, took the first step of forgiving.
After all, we are a country with a treasured history of forgiving.