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Synonyms for forgiveness

Synonyms for forgiveness

the act or an instance of forgiving

Synonyms for forgiveness

compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive

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the act of excusing a mistake or offense

References in classic literature ?
And so, judging by my conscience, the criminals we speak of are not worthy of consideration or forgiveness.
Yes, - I had the appearance of extorting a favor; I regret it, and entreat your majesty's forgiveness.
I have my own forgiveness," replied the minister, with some degree of persistence; "but M.
Willoughby could not hear of her marriage without a pang; and his punishment was soon afterwards complete in the voluntary forgiveness of Mrs.
She forgave nothing, for there was nothing requiring forgiveness.
cried Miggs, turning on the tears again, previous to quitting the room in great emotion, 'I never see such a blessed one as she is for the forgiveness of her spirit, I never, never, never did.
For five minutes or thereabouts, Mrs Varden remained mildly opposed to all her husband's prayers that she would oblige him by taking a day's pleasure, but relenting at length, she suffered herself to be persuaded, and granting him her free forgiveness (the merit whereof, she meekly said, rested with the Manual and not with her), desired that Miggs might come and help her dress.
Instead of being hurt, denying, defending himself, begging forgiveness, instead of remaining indifferent even--anything would have been better than what he did do--his face utterly involuntarily (reflex spinal action, reflected Stepan Arkadyevitch, who was fond of physiology)--utterly involuntarily assumed its habitual, good-humored, and therefore idiotic smile.
Islamabad -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar, while conducting hearing of the disqualification case, on Thursday said that there is a proper method to ask for forgiveness and that one has to first accept his dishonesty in order to be forgiven, saying that there are some people out there who say they did nothing wrong and that injustice was done to them
The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program provides people in public service jobs with a path to debt forgiveness after 10 years, with the first borrowers eligible in October 2017.
Many religious individuals use forgiveness to cope with interpersonal offenses.
Forgiveness research is a focus of interpersonal relationships in counseling.
Most people think forgiveness is something earned, either when trying to forgive themselves or others.