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  • verb

Synonyms for forgive

Synonyms for forgive

to grant forgiveness to or for

Words related to forgive

stop blaming or grant forgiveness

absolve from payment

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We've forgiven Marv Albert, exiled from his broadcasting booth a couple of years for bizarre conduct with a female companion, including assault.
As long as people remember and nurse their anger and hurt, they have not really forgiven that person who hurt them.
The 18-year-old's mother Gee said if Paul Taylor and Michael Barton showed remorse and apologised for the killing, she too would tell them they are forgiven.
Bennett says the person forgiven ``should still be held accountable for his acts.
In order to be forgiven, the offender must ask for forgiveness.
Why is it that some expect to be forgiven for their mistakes and transgressions,but they are so unwilling to extend that same courtesy to others?
God has forgiven us many times, so it's our job to forgive, too.
But where there is no admission of wrongdoing, there is no sorrow and no need for forgiving or being forgiven.
Those who have forgiven the murderers seem to have found a real peace and feel they have memorialized the person they lost in a very positive way," said Bane, adding that the organization is nondenominational and members come from all faiths.
A Palestinian asked how, having forgiven once, he could maintain an open heart when he suffered further injustices.
Having returned home, the once prodigal but now forgiven son is like an infant; he really is starting over, he really is beginning something new.
But, he tells me, `Now she has forgiven me, I am happy to talk about it.
But still, more than a quarter century after his son's murder, Gomez remains for him "a kid, now a man, whom Ives should have forgiven, but couldn't, even when he tried to - Lord, that was impossible - so filled was his heart with a bitterness and confusion of spirit that had never gone away.
Our faith also teaches that our venial sins are forgiven each time we sincerely pray the Our Father ("Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us .
All is forgiven--and there is a lot to be forgiven.