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Synonyms for forgetful


Synonyms for forgetful

unable to remember

Synonyms for forgetful

(of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range

not mindful or attentive

failing to keep in mind


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He himself, forgetful of ceremony, jumped into his boat, and pushed it off with a vigorous foot.
For the moment, under the influence of the little house of dreams, she was a girl again--a girl forgetful of the past and its bitterness.
Here, then, was Nicholl, his gun on the ground, forgetful of danger, trying if possible to save the victim from its cobweb prison.
Absorbed in his studies, Barbicane, in his turn forgetful of the duel, had seen and heard nothing.
And again, if he is forgetful and retains nothing of what he learns, will he not be an empty vessel?
It was with an agitated, burning heart and brain that I hurried homewards, regardless of that scorching noonday sun - forgetful of everything but her I had just left - regretting nothing but her impenetrability, and my own precipitancy and want of tact - fearing nothing but her hateful resolution, and my inability to overcome it - hoping nothing - but halt, - I will not bore you with my conflicting hopes and fears - my serious cogitations and resolves.
Pitcher seized a moment to remark to the bookkeeper that the "old man" seemed to get more absent-minded and forgetful every day of the world.
Through Pollyanna's mind at the moment trooped remorseful memories of the morning with its unwanted boy, cat, and dog, and its unwelcome "glad" and forbidden "father that would spring to her forgetful little tongue.
and forgetful of my presence, carried on at him a long time together in the Gaelic, the young man answering nothing; only the wife, at the name of hanging, throwing her apron over her face and sobbing out louder than before.
Feeling their strength recruited and their spirits roused, now that there was a new necessity for action, they hurried away, quite forgetful of the fatigue under which they had been sinking but a few minutes before; and soon arrived at their new place of destination.
FORGETFUL people in Yorkshire and the Humber are shelling out PS23m a month on fees for services they don't use.
on forgetful glass, but here and there some of those shoes are still
As we become forgetful of those roots, as we attempt to build a society forgetful of God, we will not--as many, for instance, in the new Quebec imagine--free ourselves from prejudice or religion.
As many as 14 per cent have been forgetful over the last two years as to the exact location of their vehicle, the poll by Direct Line DrivePlus showed.
We initially noticed she was rather forgetful, which then progressed to things like putting the coffee in the kettle, milk in the cupboard and hiding food all over the house.