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Synonyms for forgery


Synonyms for forgery

a fraudulent imitation

Synonyms for forgery

a copy that is represented as the original


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criminal falsification by making or altering an instrument with intent to defraud

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16 of 2006 (as amended) requires all DMBs to submit monthly information/returns on fraud and forgeries to the Corporation.
Furthermore, a counterfeiter applies various postprocessing operations such as blurring, edge smoothing, and noise to remove the visual traces of image forgeries.
With the existence of Forgeries, issues of humanity and mortality are woven strongly into the plot.
Lang said he did not understand why art collectors like him should be punished for forgeries.
He said the police believed the organization running the passport forgery operation was based in Iran, but used Thailand as the site for actually making the forgeries.
Romania's National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) announced, on 16 July, that proceedings were launched for a new offence of forgery and the use of forgeries that resulted in Severin illegally obtaining 436,663.
In the course of their study the experts concluded that at least half of the works believed to be by Rembrandt were forgeries, copies, or misattributions.
A GALLERY owner from Warwick spent thousands of pounds on forgeries of work by controversial artist Tracey Emin Alan Elkin, an art dealer with 15 years' experience, bought 10 fakes.
Most of the forgeries are done in order to gain access to the country and earn a living, but some forgeries can induce criminal acts such as the Mabhouh case.
Rather than illustrating step-by-step how forgeries have been exposed, we are left with historical anecdotes about the forgeries themselves and the ensuing correspondence.
The problem with the forgery during the censuses has always been present and will always be," stated demographer Aslan Selmani adding that forgeries are expected at next year's Census as in the Census of 2002.
Thanks to Microsoft Canada's support, the exhibition explains the negative impacts that fakes and forgeries have on so many businesses and individuals.
It is estimated that two per cent of all pounds 1 coins currently in circulation could be forgeries.
ARTIST Peter Howson has revealed there are more than 200 forgeries of his work on the market.