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Synonyms for forger

Synonyms for forger

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for forger

someone who operates a forge

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someone who makes copies illegally

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The forgers were first assembled in 1941 as part of Britain's Special Operations Executive, the "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare" Churchill had created to "set Europe ablaze".
The arrest is the latest in a series of targeted operations against skilled passport forgers in Thailand as fears over security and immigration have compelled authorities to tackle a shadowy industry that has thrived in the kingdom for decades.
Lab conditions in sleep studies are very regulated, and participants don't have to deal with the stresses of the real world like spouses, children and all the stuff that keeps us up at night worrying," Forger said.
The next question to address was, what is the most serious deprivation a forger could suffer?
Both Catya Mare and Matt Forger agree, that the process was[acute accent]t quite easy but also exciting, since there is a delicate balance between the solo violin and the rest of the mix, that quickly can get altered.
Much of the knowledge a forger needs to create historically accurate work is already available through professional publications.
Right now, the industry lacks a unified vision," said Forger.
Shapiro's The Art Forger, a gushy homage to the love affair that exists between emerging artists and collectors and the works of masters.
Using high-tech photography, researchers have reconstructed the signature that may belong either to William Shakespeare or a clever forger.
The top-priced Hallfield Forger went under the hammer for 6,200gns and was bought by fellow County Durham farmers Sanderson and Bell of Barnard Castle.
A musical penned by Britain's most notorious art forger and a Midland film maker about a controversial love affair that shocked English society is set for its world premiere in the region.
Many of the items come from the workshop of the most diverse art forger ever known.
University of Michigan mathematician Daniel Forger said that understanding how the human biological clock works is an essential step toward correcting sleep problems like insomnia and jet lag.
The British Fantasy Award for Best Novel has been won by Graham Joyce, for his title Memoirs of a Master Forger, which was chosen by members of the British Fantasy Society.
This gives rise to the theory that the shroud is the work of a forger.