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  • verb

Synonyms for forgive

Synonyms for forgive

to grant forgiveness to or for

Words related to forgive

stop blaming or grant forgiveness

absolve from payment

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For instance, the Saviour, when He was on the Cross, forgave His tormenters, but He did not say: "I forgive you"; instead, He first prayed to the Father that He forgive them and teach us to do the same.
Another stated that "I strongly believe in forgiveness because Christ forgave me: religion is huge.
If I forgave this person, something bad would happen (I'd be tempted to reconcile with them, they could hurt me again, etc).
I forgave, and forgave, and forgave and forgave to the point where it wasn't very healthy at all - Jerry Hall on her one-time relationship with Mick Jagger.
If participants indicated that they forgave others, they were asked to list any acts of contrition they required transgressors to complete.
In the splendid 1990 film Avalon, the tragicomic story is told of an uncle who, with his wife, arrived a little late for a holiday meal and never forgave ms relatives because they carved the turkey before he arrived.
John Major has never forgiven her for being a back seat driver nor has he forgiven those in his party who never forgave him for not being her.
In honoring Kazan, the best of Hollywood forgave Kazan and celebrated the contributions he made to the world of film.
Of course, if the Clinton affairs were truly none of our business, then it would not matter one whit if his wife forgave him.
Bitter Kenneth Bell never forgave the Japanese for the horrors he witnessed in prisoner-of-war camps.