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either of the anterior pair of wings on an insect that has four wings

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7 inches, general appearance is dark brown, row of oval elongated markings start at the outer margin of forewing, markings become more elongate while moving towards the inner margin of hindwing.
Same as the macropterous female, but with neotenic characters as follows: Forewings scale-like, with dense field of microspines throughout the surface, with no trace of venation (Fig.
The length of the right forewing, length of the abdomen and height of the thorax were not statistically different between newly emerged Africanized honeybee queens kept in an incubator and queen banking, and their overall mean values were 9.
It is a handsome butterfly similar in size to the Painted Lady but much more boldly patterned: matte black with a brilliant scarlet border on each hindwing and band on each forewing, the latter blotched with strikingly contrasting white.
This paper examines different morphological characteristics (length of forewing, hindwing and tibia), FA and FMR of Vip3A-Sel and Unsel sub-populations of H.
Mesosoma with small and close pits at pronotum and wide at meso and metanotum; scutellum rounded at posterior end, not emerginate over propodeum; pronotum with a row of dense hairs at posterior margin of pronotum; mesosoma covered with spars hairs; forewing with post marginal vein absent; marginal vein distinctly separated from anterior margin of the forewing; stigmal vein short; foreleg and meso leg liver brown completely; hind femur rust brown, with a basal tooth and long comb of small teeth covering almost 3/4th of the femur (Fig.
Forewing with membrane almost hyaline, opaque, with brown spots on lower apex of pterostigma, mesally and distally on cell R-M, distally on cells M, and diagonal from anterior half of areola postica to touch M; confluence of Cu2-A brown; pterostigma brown, distally with a hyaline, transverse band; veins brown (Fig.
Morphology as well as diagnostic and functional significance of some structures (antennal sclerite, pronotal process, evaporatorial system, abdominal laterotergites, forewing venation, femoral spine, female terminalia) are discussed.
The former species is distinguished from the new one by the course of the antemedian border of the medial area of the forewing, slanted towards the tornus between the discal cell and the hind margin of the wing (compare pl.
bifidus with only a slight anteriolateral expansion, cubitus anterior 2 of the forewing is piceous in T.
The genus was placed close to Nadleria, on the basis of a simple outer tine of the lacinial tip, an Rs-M crossvein present in the forewing of both genera, and fusion of the ovipositor valvulae with the ninth sternum in Hemicaecilius and most Lachesillinae.
1 Forewing venation complete, with seven closed cell; vein 1/Rs reaching the margin of wing, vein 3/Rs shorter than 2/Rs, 2R1 cell closed (Figs.