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the act of preventing something by anticipating and disposing of it effectively

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As the above quotations indicate, the problem of forestalling is connected with many important social issues of interest for libertarian scholarship.
The effectiveness of vaccines in forestalling a pandemic could be limited because such a targeted pandemic vaccine cannot be developed until that strain has been identified.
"No bankruptcy court has recognized any exception under the statutes until today." He said the unions will continue to negotiate in hopes of forestalling imposed work rules and wages scheduled for later this week.
Among the highlights are the Institute's first-ever testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, our forestalling the enactment (to date) of the misguided CEO Certification and Economic Substance proposals, and our successfully recommending that Circular 230, relating to practice before the IRS, recognize the unique status of in-house tax professionals.
DRYING ground looks like forestalling Willie Mullins' plans to send Holy Orders to Britain to take on some of the top stayers in Thursday's Doncaster Cup.
The proposed state constitutional amendment was being considered as a possible way of forestalling a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruling that decreed homosexual couples could be "married" under the state constitution.
A central bank official Dyah Nastiti said the regulation is aimed at forestalling big payment failures by holders that has jolted a big South Korean credit card issuing company, LG Card Co.
Researchers are investigating experimental drugs aimed at forestalling the brain damage, says Trey Sunderland of the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Md.
The move is aimed at forestalling a further rise in short-term interest rates following a recent jump in long-term rates.
to think that we sit idle with folded arms to wait until it gives orders for a forestalling attack to be started.
But in the past two years, the talk has turned into action, as steelmakers throughout the world have been combining, sometimes under financial pressure, other times in anticipation of forestalling financial woes.