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Synonyms for foreskin

a fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris

a fold of skin covering the tip of the penis

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Some of the immediate benefits are that circumcised children cannot develop phimosis, a condition where the foreskin is too tight and affects the stream of urine,' Onyango said.
Young boys are made to chew guava leaves while the circumciser cuts the foreskin with a sharpened tool, usually a straight razor or 'labaha.
Carnes then calmly and in layman's terms discusses potentially thorny topics such as the lack of need for retraction of a boy's foreskin and the red herring of "cleanliness" that is still used to justify male circumcision.
Investigators examined two hypotheses that might support decreased penile sensitivity: whether the exposed glans penis of circumcised men is less sensitive than that of intact men (where keratinization is hypothesized to take place), and if the highly innervated foreskin is more sensitive than other sites of the penis.
Foreskin restoration is an attempt to "restore" a pseudo-prepuce through surgical or other means (Earp, 2015).
Unlike in adults, the neuron-rich foreskin in babies is typically fused to the glans penis; it does not retract.
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Pathologic phimosis has several causes like Balanitis xerotica obliterans, (5) scarring caused by 'forcible' retraction of foreskin (4) and balanitis.
Phimosis, an abnormally tight foreskin, possibly due to past inflammation.
Early on, I ask parents to gently see how far the foreskin will come back and not force it.
Parent added that unlike the skin that covers human bodies, the inner surface of the foreskin is composed of mostly non-keratinized mucosal epithelium, which is more easily penetrated by microbes that cause infections.
The area under and around the foreskin was examined for inflammation and warts and assessed to see whether it could be pulled over and stretched.
The ObGyn removed adhesions present between the foreskin and glans.
The three belong to 20 boys whose foreskin were cut on Dec 23 near Borroloola, located 700 kilometres east of Darwin.
But the findings identify previously unknown differences between a warm, moist environment under the foreskin and the comparatively dry surfaces found on circumcised men.