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Synonyms for foresightful

planning prudently for the future

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It takes a foresightful health system with sufficient capital to understand how they're going to provide these services and at what cost.
Every time they forecast the demise of the planet, those prophets of Earthly annihilation prove themselves no more foresightful than mortgage bankers or phony psychics.
On December 31, 2007, the credit crunch was a vaguely amusing term, of interest only to economics geeks and the particularly foresightful.
As its history shows, it has always been, if not prescient, at the very least foresightful.
In contrast, groups that sought to confront systems that socially or otherwise disadvantaged them were defined as having "agency," with a connotation of being foresightful or prophetic.
But until relatively recently, the demands of even the most foresightful women have assumed very traditional and gendered arrangements of dependency work.
Condon calls the Comcast and EchoStar deals "very foresightful moves.
Not much happened technologically, politically or operationally as a result of HIPAA that couldn't have happened without it--if the healthcare industry had stepped up to the plate, been foresightful enough to project and protect its own future, and hit a home run.