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Synonyms for foresighted

characterized by foresight

Synonyms for foresighted

planning prudently for the future

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We are indeed proud to be collaborating with such a foresighted brand to provide the best, affordable products for the target market,' Saud said.
"The accountable, responsive, and foresighted actions of our LCEs as heads of their Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils (LDRRMCs) in this trying time manifested the true mark of public service," he added.
In addition, even the most forceful advocates of its revitalization must bear in mind a distressing precedent: the principal efforts to introduce order, whether regional or global in scope, have resulted less from foresighted statecraft than from cataclysmic upheavals, as demonstrated by these major examples: The centrality of the nation-state to geopolitics emerged from the Peace of Westphalia, which marked the end of the Thirty Years' War (161848).
The foresighted and pro-development parties can serve people through co-operation and co-ordination.
While noting some trenchant and foresighted observations the German thinker made about capitalism, DeLong also chronicles his mistakes.
It has been launched by a group that is visionary and foresighted about its business.
Outside the country, Mr Kenamile pointed out that BOL was in a bid to rent coastal storage in Mozambique, construct another coastal storage in Durban in conjunction with South Africa amongst other foresighted developments to satisfy the 1 200 billion litres of petroleum products consumed locally.
We know it's possible, because today some foresighted foresters produce diverse species of wood vital to rural mills and jobs, without any aerial herbicide applications!
Inspired and foresighted members and staff conceived and implemented the ASABE Technical Library.
The company's leadership is foresighted in its thinking about retailing, business strategies and values.
Foresighted city council members and city employees started in 2006 working toward utilizing the excess methane that was being largely flared and wasted at the sewer plant.
They have to start charging 5p a bag now, but if a customer is foresighted enough to keep bringing in the same bag, they should still be rewarded.
But doubling down on print hardly seems to be a foresighted strategy when readers and advertisers increasingly are flocking to the digital media.