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Synonyms for foresight

Synonyms for foresight

unusual or creative discernment or perception

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

Synonyms for foresight

providence by virtue of planning prudently for the future

seeing ahead

References in classic literature ?
de Balzac, whose foresight is so remarkably at home in the future.
If it had been in the power of medicine, or any foresight I could have used, to prevent what has occurred, I should certainly have done so.
(Alliance News) - Foresight Solar Fund Ltd on Thursday said its net assets declined over the first half following a drop in power prices in the UK.
Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd (Foresight) (Nasdaq :FRSX) (TASE: FRSX), a provider of automotive vision systems, announced on Tuesday the signing of a commercial agreement with Elbit Systems Land Ltd, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd.
Foresight Autonomous (FRSX) announced the signing of a commercial agreement with Elbit Systems Land Ltd., a subsidiary of Elbit Systems (ESLT), for exclusive marketing of its proprietary image processing software for the defense, paramilitary and homeland security markets.
New Jersey-based wealth advisor Foresight Financial Partners, LLC has announced it has moved its assets under advisement to hybrid independent broker/dealer Arkadios Capital, the company said.
This patent supports a holistic technological solution which combines features of Foresight's QuadSight(TM) automotive vision system with Eye-Net Mobile's cellular-based V2X accident prevention solution.
'And now that the chicken has come home to roost, it has become clear to Governor Obiano that foresight comes at a price.
Foresight Energy capitalized on strong export markets and improved domestic spot opportunities to post record steam coal sales of 23.4 million tons in 2018, generating total revenue of $1.1 billion and adjusted EBITDA of more than $313 million, the Murray Energy subsidiary said on February 27.
According to Moore, Foresight's mining operations generated $39.2 million of excess cash flow in 2018, "and was less than four times levered as defined in our March 2017 credit and guaranty agreement.
Beyer returns to the coal industry after serving as president and chief executive officer of Foresight Energy LP, from 2006 to 2015.
Corporate foresight practitioners, in engaging corporate leaders in thinking about the future, have developed methods to navigate those barriers; applications of machine learning to forecasting could benefit from that learning.
Over the past two years, the company has signed on more than 100 clients for its Tax Foresight and Employment Foresight products.
FORESIGHT Group has invested PS2.5 million to support the growth of North Walesbased software provider Cimteq Limited.