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The following stages of progress, the Aristotelian mimesis age, the Ut pictura poesis doctrine and the humanistic aesthetics of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, marking the evolution of the Sister Arts poetics, foreshow two main characteristics in the ekphrastic model: its (debatable) imitative quality and its dual correlation.
Far too many to mention but I liked "If Candlemas Day be Fair and bright, Winter will have another flight, If Candlemas Day be cloud and rain, Then winter will not come again", and, "Of all the months of the year, curse a fair February" and If February give much snow, a fine summer it doth foreshow".
"Government has constructed roads here Western Foreshow road and Northern Foreshow road.
In addition, the "withered buds" (10.2) in Love's crown also foreshow the devastating effects that Petrarchan heterosexual love might have one day on the adult daughter, the "one bud" blowing on her mother's "bosom" (7.13).
This foreshows Francois's own conversion to Islam at the end of Soumission, a move undertaken out of expedience rather than belief.
The burning of the Second Temple, e.g., "foreshows to His people the means of salvation, and that it is through folly and evils of their own choosing that they come to destruction" (6.317-18).