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Synonyms for foreshorten

shorten lines in a drawing so as to create an illusion of depth

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Whole continents foreshorten reaching for the poles,
It's all very well, up to a point, to foreshorten and oversimplify your opponent's position in order to heighten your own rhetorical pizzazz and percussiveness.
Rotations in the vertical plane (i.e., orthogonal to the line of sight) do not create foreshortening, whereas changes in elevation angle (depth plane rotation), as already discussed, do foreshorten spatial relationships according to the sine function.
We know from eminent research published last year that in a third of deaths, doctors administer medication that goes on to foreshorten the patient's life.
did you not foreshorten into pattern one thing from its happening,
And President Clinton, for one, wants to foreshorten that process.
If you place them at the back of the garden, they will foreshorten the space as they divert your attention from everything else.
Perhaps I may appear somewhat pompous, but I imagine none of the national broadsheets would foreshorten Birmingham in a similar way.
I thought the idea of tracing would be perfect for the students to really see and believe that learning to foreshorten the figure was crucial in their development as artists.
In the next proposition, 12, Faire une chaire en Perspective si difforme, qu'estant veue hors de son poinct, elle n'en air nulle aparence, Niceron shows how it is possible to use techniques of foreshortening to unnaturally elongate a chair and a bench.(56) Thus the same method that he used in the earlier book to foreshorten a chair [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 6 OMITTED] is employed to make an anamorphic image of a chair [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7 OMITTED].
"Suspensions are of greater likelihood with the no-nonsense line of action from the Football Association and officials alike to foreshorten ill-discipline.
It is then we must shore up families, helping with childcare and learning opportunities, advising them on the issues - addiction, debt, ill health - that too often blight, and foreshorten, lives in our poorest estates, and work with them to create calm, stable homes for their children.
The given temperature should be based on the foreshortened light as well as the site of plant origin.
Complicating this perceived flatness, however, these shapes vary in size and appear foreshortened in certain areas--giving the impression of wallpaper covering the walls, floor, steps, columns, and peaked ceiling of a believable three-dimensional interior.
It is observed that pixels with extremely high backscatter values in the image without radiometric correction (shown in Figure 6(a)) are located in seriously foreshortened areas.