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a cut of meat from the upper part of a front leg

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As an indicator of the bone thickness, gains in foreshank circumference of the calves in GW group was significantly higher (P Less than 0.01) than that of abruptly weaned calves.
Good choices for lamb include the shank half or top round leg, trimmed foreshank and loin chops.
Carcass characteristics and cutability of rusa deer (small carcass category) Carcass category Small Number 4 Age (month) <18 Live weight (kg) (mean) 52.6 Carcass weight (kg) 30.5 Carcass weight range (kg) 25-35 Dressing percentage (%) 58 Cuts (bone-in) % Bone-in retail products * Shoulder 30.9 shoulder chops Ribs 7.5 rib chops Loin 5.9 loin chops Sirloin 2.8 tenderloin chops Round 43.0 hindsaddle/legs Breast 4.4 (1) breast, flank on Shank 4.1 (1) foreshank Others 1.4 (1) trimmed meat Total 100 * Nomenclature according to lamb portion cuts of NAMP (1981).
The subprimal cuts include the neck, foreshank, breast/brisket and flank.