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Synonyms for foreshadowing

the act of providing vague advance indications

indistinctly prophetic

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Lot 1: urban management for the urban renewal project of the Two Parks district during the phase of foreshadowing protocol.
Rowling's famed Harry Potter series, dividing each into manageable sections (often covering several chapters) and pointing out various instances of foreshadowing, symbolism, external references, and humor that Rowling incorporates into each.
I recently reviewed Marcus Sedgwick's The Foreshadowing, a book set during WW I, in which the main character was haunted by the tragedies she could foresee.
ENI)--The Anglican and Old-Catholic churches in Switzerland celebrated recently the 75th anniversary of an agreement on full communion that is seen as foreshadowing later accords between other churches.
Chapters instruct how to watch movies with a writer's eye for what works and what doesn't, blending believable character traits into scenes and plots, using goals to reveal character motivation, judiciously applying foreshadowing and flashback, the power of the suspense of disbelief and how to encourage it, smooth plotting, and much more.
The author, a professor of landscape architecture and natural resources, describes the political maneuverings that both sides used to fight their campaigns, foreshadowing the environmental battles that have come since.
Miller, foreshadowing one of the chief charges leveled against judicial activism, wrote that Field's sweeping assertion of the right to pursue a calling, if accepted, would transform the Court into a "perpetual censor upon all legislation of the states.
In 2002, Barron's launched Simply Shakespeare, which includes icons throughout the text to denote foreshadowing, wordplay and other aspects of the play that merit particular attention, explains Frederick Glasser, director of school library sales.
Their request was a foreshadowing of the acute growing pains that are currently crippling the country's twenty-year old CCNs.
The failure of the conference was a clear foreshadowing of World War II.
Thus the author of Hebrews understands the law of Moses as the shadow and foreshadowing of what is revealed and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
It serves as foreshadowing for poems that reflect the repercussions of an often insane world of racism.
In this regard, Hentsch argues that the Crusades, although seen in some circles as a foreshadowing of subsequent imperialist endeavors, were notably different than later colonization.
And in what could be a foreshadowing of the 2008 presidential race, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and U.