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Synonyms for foreshadowing

the act of providing vague advance indications

indistinctly prophetic

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The Kingslayer - famed for his fighting prowess and murder of the Mad King Aerys Targaryen - then delivers what could be both a put down and an ironic piece of foreshadowing.
There is some analysis on 'earthquake swarms' of smaller tremors foreshadowing a larger event.
Every scene features unsettling elements, from subtle foreshadowing to overt gore and mutilation.
However, Gunn skipped foreshadowing in his end credits clips last time.
Rowling's famed Harry Potter series, dividing each into manageable sections (often covering several chapters) and pointing out various instances of foreshadowing, symbolism, external references, and humor that Rowling incorporates into each.
It's almost impossible to find a movie or a book that doesn't use foreshadowing. By showing a person, a weapon, a comment, or a concept early in a story, the director or author can bring that element back later on and have it make sense.
I recently reviewed Marcus Sedgwick's The Foreshadowing, a book set during WW I, in which the main character was haunted by the tragedies she could foresee.
(ENI)--The Anglican and Old-Catholic churches in Switzerland celebrated recently the 75th anniversary of an agreement on full communion that is seen as foreshadowing later accords between other churches.
Chapters instruct how to watch movies with a writer's eye for what works and what doesn't, blending believable character traits into scenes and plots, using goals to reveal character motivation, judiciously applying foreshadowing and flashback, the power of the suspense of disbelief and how to encourage it, smooth plotting, and much more.
The author, a professor of landscape architecture and natural resources, describes the political maneuverings that both sides used to fight their campaigns, foreshadowing the environmental battles that have come since.
Blue Wolf features symbolism, foreshadowing, and mystery.
This occurs in the later part of Luke's story, starting with a foreshadowing of those who will mistreat Jesus (18:32).
Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y gives a chronology of airplane hijackings in what amounts to an eerie foreshadowing of 9/11.
But as we are clued in at the very beginning of the story, "phobias which develop in adulthood are related to a loss of control in other major facets of one's life," thus foreshadowing a story rich with psychological implications.