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Synonyms for foresee

Synonyms for foresee

to know in advance

Synonyms for foresee

realize beforehand

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picture to oneself

act in advance of

References in classic literature ?
Crisparkle had too well foreseen. Neville must leave the place, for the place shunned him and cast him out.
In terms of revenue, the global terminal tractors market is foreseen to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% across forecast period, owing to numerous factors, about which FACT.MR offers thorough insights and forecasts in this report.
The Republic of Cyprus will proceed with its energy plans, exactly as foreseen, Minister of Energy Yiorgos Lakkotrypis said on Sunday from Paphos.
3 billion soms are foreseen for capital investments in the draft budget for 2019, said the head of the budget policy department of the Ministry of Finance Kanat Asangulov on September 5.
In a statement on Friday, Mayor Duterte said she had not foreseen a growth in interest in HNP by politicians outside the Davao region.
Mechumo said the wrangles the country is facing were foreseen by the church 10 years ago.
More than 26 000 children will receive financial assistance from which children with severe disabilities (of over 90%) will benefit the most (BGN 930 each), while those with a disability of 50-70% will be handed out BGN 350 monthly.Tax deductions for cashless payment has also been foreseen in the budget, but it will go hand in hand with a permanent monitoring on debtors.
17.3 million euros are foreseen for the national gasification system this year, which is by almost 2.5 million euros more than the original projection.
A respite from bodily ailments is foreseen as the phase of perfect health commences.
BRUSSELS, April 10 (KUNA) -- The next round of EU-Russia-Ukraine trilateral gas talks, foreseen to be held in Berlin on Tuesday 14 April, has now been rescheduled.
Even those who did not pull the trigger, such as the driver of the getaway car parked some distance away, get convicted of murder because as some judges reason, they should have foreseen that when they set out together to rob the mall, the guns would be used.
In the next mid-term period, continuation of activities related to the compensation of the losses in passenger transport through the provision and delivery of funds in the budget of the MTC, and for railway infrastructure through annual programme for financing the railway infrastructure, preparation and publication of the announcement of network by the manager of the railway infrastructure is foreseen
The compromise establishes the principle that data generated by public bodies will automatically be made available for re-use (certain exceptions are foreseen).
foreseen for members of parliament and officials, Arminfo correspondent reported from Tsitsernakaberd.