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Synonyms for foresee

Synonyms for foresee

to know in advance

Synonyms for foresee

realize beforehand

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picture to oneself

act in advance of

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What sets the two cases apart is that only the former involves creating embryos with the intent of destroying them; in the other cases, we at most create embryos foreseeing the possibility that they will not be needed for reproductive purposes and will instead be discarded or destroyed.
( is another firm foreseeing new revenue streams for colleges and universities.
Predictions of strike action from public sector employers have almost doubled since last year with 35 per cent foreseeing strikes, compared to 18 per cent last year.
Agreeing with an article by Jane Jacobs in The New York Times Magazine, she believes we need to rethink urban and suburban environments and how they function, foreseeing the industry's role as visionary and "master builder" for this new challenge.
Everyone can make New Century Resolutions, and, of course, we can all play a magic mixture of Nostradamus and the Farmer's Almanac in foreseeing both the near and distant future--it becomes a once in a lifetime invitation to prophesy.
URMIA, Apr 17, 2011 (TUR) -- A joint declaration foreseeing cooperation in several areas among Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan was issued at the end of the 1st Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Urmia city of Iran on Saturday.
Globally, just 10% of companies expect higher demand in the next three months, down from 15%, with 47.5% foreseeing stable demand.
The third and final stage, foreseeing investment of another USD40 million, would aim to produce 20,000 medium-sized lorries a year, based on a future Renault VI medium-weight truck.