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I have been thinking a lot about that since penning the centre page article on the history of IDMi and its forerunning titles.
Internal microstructure far from this zone demonstrates possible types of structural failures forerunning the catastrophe in the fracture zone (Figs.
But--as mentioned in the Abstract--several forerunning papers appeared around 1950.
President Hayashi proudly noted, "As the forerunning sports club at Toyota, the Toyota Alvark finished the final season of the Japanese NBL (National Basketball League) with a record high percentage of wins.
Its oppositional tone is constructed of againstness and generally in a spirit of a one-time only moment." (44) This tradition of "againstness" and provocation gives Miller the self-assurance of precedent, and the fact that Miller directs his own reactionary impulses to rail against the alienation of modernity and towards clearing a space for the human voice allows him to draw to himself and graft his writing onto the texts of those forerunning writers (canonical and avant-garde) who also wield the voice with startling power.
Zvi Zohar examines a responsum from early twentieth-century Salonica on converting the non-Jewish partner of an intermarriage (a forerunning of widespread occurrence in contemporary American Judaism).
In the first chapter, early research on localization of function in the brain is interspersed with discoveries in physics that made possible the present forerunning imaging technique, MRI.
Relaxed sensibilities seem like a forerunning trend, and Ziggy Savella hopped on, too, but through pajama fashion.
The population rise which she's referring to --an impressive thirty percent increase in four short years--puts India squarely in the forerunning pack of conservation efforts.
1, 2014), archived at (introducing new Google Glass application SHORE, which is considered one of the forerunning apps in real-time face detections).
The truth is that rightist mantra won't have gotten any audience if there was no forerunning anti-EU sentiment or suspicion about the whole project of the EU.
The government of the state of Baja California, from a systemic perspective, requires a local national plan, which includes national public policies adapted to local needs, decentralizing the programs and policies associated with business support and management by the forerunning sectors of economy and professional callings of the city.
Bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs) are the forerunning candidate in cardiac treatment (
flowing forms, which could be obtained by describing variations over three distinct parameters with geometrical diagrams, thus forerunning Descartes' analytical geometry.