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(iv) ` forerun composition, to serve as a gunsight ...' (Ezra Pound, `Date Line', 1934);(9)
Beecher compares the immigrants to "the locusts of Egypt." (59) He thus recalls not only the plagues that precede the deliverance of the chosen from their Egyptian captivity, but the recurrence of those plagues in the events that forerun Armageddon, in which armed locusts whose king is "the angel of the bottomless pit" threaten the saints with war.
After commenting in an aside on the imminent ruin of 'our house' through 'violent lust' (1.2.217, 220), she watches her daughter Vittoria's tryst with Bracciano, then moves forward crying, 'Woe to light hearts they still forerun our fall' (l.
I do hold it a thing formal and necessary for the King to forerun his coming (be it ever so speedy) with some gracious declaration, for the cherishing, entertaining, and preparing of men's affections.
For, by virtue of causality, all who partake the human nature have a duty which must naturally be paid and this is the pain that has the cause of its appearance in the deed of pleasure that foreruns it.
In comparison with the impoverished political entities of the French Republic, religion offers a political pattern that foreruns and surpasses the category of the nation.