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the front half of a side of meat

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Recurrence was observed in October 2013, forequarter amputation was performed, and the specimen was stored at −20[degrees]C.
The weight of primal cuts, hindquarters, forequarter and spare ribs, were obtained in the right half carcass, with percentage values expressed in relation to cold carcass weight.
Six months after the limb-sparing surgery, the patient presented with local recurrence, as well as axillary metastases, and then underwent a forequarter amputation, and subsequently died 2 months later.
Beasley has noted that individuals who keep their hands hidden in their pockets due to embarrassment over their appearance are as functionally disabled as a forequarter (scapula-thoracic) amputee.
Furthermore, detailed descriptions of training protocols for individuals with shoulder disarticulations or forequarter amputations are particularly limited, with little emphasis on this level of amputation [4].
The company also denied claims that they use the whole cow in their beef patties, insisting that only beef they use is forequarter and hindquarter trimmings, along with whole muscle cuts.
But motivated by profit, European "beef" ingredients have been added to forequarter mince in the processing of burgers.
Before 1970, most patients with high-grade sarcomas arising from the scapula were treated with a forequarter amputation (1).
If he tries to sniff you, ignore him and just stand still alongside his forequarter.
The second half of the first DVD covers the forequarter, also starting with division into primal cuts: Skirt, plate, boneless rib, flat ribs, shank, brisket, shoulder and bone-in chuck.
The left forequarter, left forepaw, and distal portions of some ribs had been partially consumed.
With no rusk or cereal, it features 94 per cent beef from carefully selected forequarter cuts and a secret blend of seasoning.