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the presiding member of the jury and the one who speaks on their behalf

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Non-Participation Measures of Juror-Expert and Nonexpert Jurors During Deliverations Nature of Non- Juror- Nonexpert p-level Participation Measure experts jurors Self-rated Influence * 4.44 4.26 [, 40df] = l-04, p=.306 Foreperson (probability) .140 .126 [, 43 df] = 0-26, p=.799 Holdout (probability) ** .339 .210 [, 14 df] = l-31, p=.213 Average % of Juror's 43.9% 43.0% [, 43 df] Own Comments that were = 0.66, p=.513 Valenced Average % of Juror's 4.3% 3.3% [, 43 df] Own Valenced Comments = l-70, p=.097 that were Mixed One-sided Jurors-90% or .106 .191 [
Statistical evidence showed that between 1960 and 1996, not one Chinese American, Filipino American, or Hispanic American served as jury foreperson, and that the statistical likelihood of this occurring was 0.0003%.
Management skills are a must for a foreperson, who functions as the shop supervisor.
(16) As always, we tend to compare ourselves to our near neighbors; I doubt if it would have occurred to a Cleveland grand jury foreperson to compare Cleveland's drug--enforcement policy to that in Cincinnati, let alone Seattle.
The foreperson of the jury generally will be, but not necessarily, a juror advocate because the criteria used to select a foreperson are the traits of a juror advocate.
In essence, whites have standing to assert the equal protection rights of blacks in the selection of grand jury forepersons because both white defendants and potential black grand jury members 1) have an interest in a criminal justice system unsullied by unconstitutional racial discrimination, and 2) share a common interest in eliminating racial discrimination from the criminal justice system.
The firm seeks technicians (site forepersons), approved electricians, electricians, and labourers, and also anticipates requiring experienced contracts supervisors, contracts engineers and planning engineers.
Students learn to take directions from their shop forepersons and superintendent.
I can foresee platoons of forepersons, journeyfolk, and apprentices, all genetically predisposed to their assigned occupations and trades, and all of the exact racial, ethnic, and even hormonal mix that nondiscrimination requires.
This study seeks to analyse the reasons behind a phenomenon widespread among juries: namely, why in a disproportionate number of cases upper- and middle-class persons are chosen as jury forepersons over lower-class persons.
For instance, we could revamp jury instructions, increasing their comprehensibility and thereby enhancing constraint upon jury verdicts.(96) Or we could have the court appoint the foreperson of the jury, assigning the role to someone from a group whose members normally do not participate much in deliberation; alternatively, and less intrusively, we could instruct juries to select their forepersons randomly, so that the role would not fall disproportionately to well-off white men.
You will recall that the standard for the successful prosecution of a harassment complaint is the victim's perception of having been subjected to hostile or unfriendly speech, behavior, or attitudes anywhere within our purview or that of our forepersons and supervisors.
General, open-ended questions were framed to see whether or not these jurors really had a code of behaviour in mind and whether or not they detected 'something special' in the jurors they eventually chose as forepersons at what was, after all, their first meeting.
Formal contract talks with Local 32B-32J, which represents the porters, handypersons, forepersons, door openers, cleaners, utility workers, concierges, elevator starters and operators, had not yet begun with the Realty Advisory Board on Labor Relations.