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the presiding member of the jury and the one who speaks on their behalf

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Under the three-year consent decree, Tamco will not only pay the foreperson $90,000 in back pay and damages, but also conduct training.
The foreperson said, "There were very heated debates [in the jury room] because there was no direct testimony--everything was on paper."
Arkansas, (116) which involved a process not known in New York, where the foreperson of a jury "informally" advises the court of its interim results.
Counsel were entitled to rely on the foreperson's guaranty to the trial court that she would not allow her professional expertise to override the testimony presented.
-- Yes -- No -- c) Were you the foreperson? -- Yes -- No -- 16) Have you, any family member or friend ever worked for or done business with [Name of Company Defendant]?
Chandler, Arizona Lynwood, California Rancho Cordova, California North Miami, Florida Acworth, Georgia Des Moines, Iowa Salisbury, Maryland Gastonia, North Carolina Mount Pleasant, South Carolina E1 Paso, Texas This is the fourth time I have had the privilege and honor to serve on the jury and the fourth year as the jury foreperson. Every year, I'm inspired by the compassion and can-do spirit of these communities.
1993) (noting that "appellate review of a trial court's improper use of a court clerk 'to instruct' the jury foreperson concerning the verdict sheet would not be precluded by a defendant's failure to object thereto," but declining to undertake review in the absence of a proper record).
(36) See Devine et al., supra note 30, at 145 (finding that defendant and foreperson race does not predict acquittal under any type of evidentiary condition).
REMOVAL men and women work in small teams of between two to six, led by a foreperson, who is also usually the driver.
122 (2006) (arguing that court officials, implicitly biased because of the model minority stereotype, believed that Asian Americans were not good forepersons because they were not good leaders); see also Benson, supra note 135, at 47 (hypothesizing that a judge who accepted prejudiced stereotypes of Asian Americans as "introverted and timid" would not select a Chinese American foreperson).
(211) In a departure from other jury systems, after the jury is selected, "any of the parties may challenge the entire panel on the basis that it will be unable, due to its composition, to arrive at an objective verdict." (212) If the judge denies this motion or if the jury goes unchallenged, then the jurors proceed to elect a foreperson. (213) If the judge grants this motion, however, then the jurors are excused and the process starts over.
Shop foreperson. The shop foreperson plans and coordinates all the activities of shop workers.
Instead, the juror serves on the jury, becomes the foreperson, and signs a verdict to convict you.