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To complete the hunt, the fox seizes the hapless rodent in its teeth, its forepaws providing the necessary supplementary force.
They took your body to the lab and brought your skeleton back, forepaws
6)Kangaroos can use their hind legs to disembowel their attackers after catching them with their forepaws. 7)Kangaroos can jump up to 30 feet high.
They always remind me of Milton's account of the Creation, with the forepaws of Lions already created and their hinder qualities still unfinished--The Tawny Lion, pawing to get free.
Placing the forepaws of the mice in a small twisted wire (1 mm diameter and 15 cm long) rigidly supported above the bench top did the screening of animals.
The amount of time spent hanging was recorded and scored according to the following system: 0, fell off; 1, hung onto the bar with two forepaws; 2, hung onto the bar with added attempt to climb onto the bar; 3, hung onto the bar with two forepaws and one or two hind paws; 4, hung onto the bar with all four paws and with tail wrapped around the bar; and 5, escaped to one of the supports.
Reaction time, measured in seconds, was recorded when the animals licked their forepaws and jumped.
The remaining types can be depicted by the alternation between the actions of the fore and hindlimbs, with both the forepaws reaching an upper position before the hind ones.
They were given two months' intensive training, including how to angle themselves in the air - "forepaws up and rear legs down".
The experimenter then lifted the lower body by grabbing the rat around neck and behind the forepaws in a way that only the forepaws were touching the table.
As previous reported [17], the total score of the coat state in this experiment was calculated as the sum of scores from 7 different body parts, including the head, neck, dorsal coat, ventral coat, forepaws, tail, and hind paws.
Laviola, "Deficient purposeful use of forepaws in female mice modelling Rett syndrome," Neural Plasticity, vol.
Still, when the females birthed, all the pups were marked with Five-star's white forepaws.
The most divergent are the westernmost populations (to the west of the River Rheine) which are characterized by smaller size (Niethammer 1982), a high incidence of large chest spot, a longer chin streak and a white cuff on the forepaws (Schroder et al.