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Synonyms for forepart

the part of someone or something facing the viewer


Synonyms for forepart

the side that is forward or prominent

References in classic literature ?
I became aware that the two were standing on the shore alongside the forepart of the steamboat, just below my head.
Jukes, motionless on the forepart of the bridge, began to speak at once.
That embodiment of jauntiness, Frenchy, still under the delusion that there was a "jump" left in him, had insisted on joining us; but mindful of discipline, had laid him- self down as far on the forepart of the poop as he could get, alongside the bucket-rack.
with foreparts, minute mathematicians each carrying a curve
I had the body of a woman as far as the hips; below sprang the foreparts
But much of the areas on which one would expect the horses' wings to appear--their shoulders and the foreparts of their torsos--is unfortunately lost and has been restored.