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(theology) being determined in advance

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Paul and Augustine among others," taught foreordination "without regarding it as central to the Christian faith" (5), and that, although "Calvin and Herbert both have a high view of doctrine, what matters in their common texts is not formal theology but a focus on personal spiritual experience" (1).
His view is that passages in the Principles and the correspondence with Elizabeth which affirm divine foreordination of all events should be taken as Descartes' own considered opinion, and that passages in the Fourth Meditation which suggest that humans have free will represent only the reasoning of a still-confused meditator, someone 'who has an experience of independence but who does not recognize all of the implications of the result that God exists' (130).
Reprobation means a person's (temporal) rejection of the gospel in history, not a person's eternal foreordination to damnation.
I was raised respectable on 'lection and 'foreordination, jest's you was, Aleck, an' so I know that air soul was 'lected to heaven or 'tother place, an' whichever dies fust would take the place pervided for Balaam Montm'rency's soul.
The new philosophy that Demastes discovers in Beckett's plays "encourages neither the existentialist's claim of total human freedom in an uncontrolled universe, nor, obviously, a naturalist's vision of total human foreordination and resulting human progression in a pre-established world pattern.