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established or prearranged unalterably

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But his death was foreordained by history, as is the current Great Heathen Army, but what happens to the show's remaining non-historical principals, like Lagertha and Floki isn't predetermined.
Complementing the lab community's efforts, on August 6th leaders of 19 conservative organizations led by the 60 Plus Association sent a letter to committee Chairmen Hatch, Brady, Walden, Burgess, and Roskam urging them to "direct HHS to follow the law as written and develop methodology that appropriately captures the full marketplace." The group criticized HHS for "cherry-pick[ing] data from fewer than 1% of laboratories" which, in turn, "produced the foreordained outcome of greatly reduced reimbursement for laboratory tests and diagnostics."
The adepts of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory can conclude that, under these circumstances, the defeat and overthrow of the tiny oppressor class may well be foreordained and imminent.
But even if the choice of the big contractors was more or less foreordained, questions about who is winning work and why will abound once subcontracts start to be awarded.
Richard also admits, easily enough, that while it was never foreordained that Julie would pursue a career in law, there was a clear family path, three generations in the making, for her to follow.
But with economic pessimism dominating the national mood for so long, it was not necessarily foreordained that an improving economy would boost Americans' confidence.
Only Virginia and New Jersey held gubernatorial elections this year and the New Jersey outcome was foreordained, so most attention focused on Virginia.
However, now I believe that my acquaintance with this small Arab country has been foreordained against all the odds," Ivanova said.
Nothing is foreordained in McCarty's intricate work: The unexpected relationships among colors and shapes add to the excitement.
Renewable resources and sustainable energy are the future; this is "foreordained." At the same time, this does not mean we should sit on our hands and do nothing.
The trials of the patriarchs, and especially the binding of Isaac (Akedah) are selected to illuminate how the sages confronted pressing challenges of their age and foreordained salvific history to their descendants if the latter like the former lived within the merits of the 'Avot (Patriarchs), sanctified by everyday acts of holiness and hope, characterized by observance, obedience, and optimism.
Stephen Church's guiding principle is that, although John may have "ended his days as a tyrant confronted by his subjects for his tyranny," he "did not deliberately set out on a path leading to his ruin"; therefore, Church tries to "examine his life as though it was not foreordained that it would end in Magna Carta and civil war" (xxi).
But it was by no means foreordained that Boulder would become a world center for atmospheric research.
Election outcomes aren't foreordained, but all the movement has been taking place within a relatively narrow range.
Nothing is guaranteed or foreordained. The poem is providential--a blessing gained in bars and bordellos as often as in pews.