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of, relating to, or used in public debate or argument

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used or applied in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law

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The man has now been linked forensically with the murders of three 16-year-old Neath girls in 1973.
Once this amnesty ended, any UDA weapons discovered by police could have been forensically tested and the evidence used for court convictions.
Born out of the West End production of Beatlemania in 1979, Neil Harrison (John), David Catlin-Birch (Paul), Andre Barreau (George) and Hugo Degenhardt (Ringo) have been stunning audiences ever since with their forensically accurate re-creation of Beatles' classics.
They were all set to be forensically examined to see if they are linked to any of the recent attacks.
Dumping ID cards, slashing the Trident nuclear programme and setting about other big ticket items while forensically reviewing essential frontline services are no-brainer decisions that also deliver much needed political points.
Police recovered bullet casings and they were being forensically tested today.
The green Peugeot 206 was last night being forensically examined in Dublin.
Andrew Tyrer, 24, of Padstow Road, Childwall, was forensically linked to a gun found in woodland.
Fire chiefs have also blamed 'forensically aware' criminals for driving the issue, which saw firefighters called to a vehicle blaze every three day, on average, last year (2018/19).
Officers found women's clothing inside the car and forensically linked Taylor to the wig he had left behind in the car.
An assortment of women's clothing was found inside and officers were able to forensically link 25-year-old Taylor through the wig he left behind.
The mysterious bones are set to be forensically examined to discover if they're human or animal.
CCTV from the area is being sought and the area is being forensically examined.
A MAN was forensically linked to cannabis and amphetamine found in a bin, a court heard yesterday.
Police officers later found the grey Ford Fiesta which was involved in the collision and a North Wales Police spokesman said the vehicle will be forensically examined.