forensic pathology

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the branch of medical science that uses medical knowledge for legal purposes

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This method requires complex instrumentation and highly skilled personnel, neither of which are routinely found in forensic pathology settings.
For every electrocution case, the final autopsy/postmortem examination report, the South African Police Service report that accompanies the body to the mortuary, the FPS form completed by the clinician in hospitalised cases reporting all clinical findings and medical and/or surgical treatment, additional questionnaires completed by forensic pathology officers when interviewing the family of the deceased, hospital records, and any additional statements added to the postmortem examination dossier were reviewed.
It is upon the pathologist to determine if further tests are required in a given case, using his or her clinical acumen, he says.The underlying principle of forensic pathology, Dr Midia says, is a discipline called trace evidence.
Workshop: University of Health Sciences (UHS) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mahmood Shaukat says forensic pathology is becoming a neglected field because of lack of passion among the doctors.
University of Health Sciences (UHS) Vice Chancellor Prof Mehmood Shoukat has said that forensic pathology was becoming a neglected field because of lack of passion among the doctors.
One is the straight-talking northern comedian, known for his angry rants and surreal humour, the other an elegant film star from the thespian Fox family - the woman who made forensic pathology sexy.
The ministry of health has identified a number of ways of improving the forensic pathology service, following a recent case where it took five autopsies to make a definitive determination on the death of a Bulgarian woman.
According to PSP, some of its pathologists further obtain trainings and qualifications in different pathology subspecialties, which include forensic pathology that is now at the core of the dengue vaccine scare.
Joyce deJong has over 20 years of experience practicing forensic pathology and servicing as a medical examiner.
The clothing worn by Kirsty was not tested for DNA and was destroyed by the Spanish forensic pathology department.
Cases related to different departments, including property, drugs, figure prints, polygraph, trace chemistry, photography, forensic pathology, audio and video are being dealt at the forensic laboratory.
As per the recommendations, 'the dead bodies in unmarked graves shall be identified by all available means and techniques like DNA profile, physical description, dental examination, distinctive medical characteristics, finger prints, carbon dating and forensic pathology as may be applicable.'
Forensic Pathology in Civil and Criminal Cases, 4th ed
Nicole's older sister Livia, a fellow in forensic pathology, expects that one day soon Nicole's body will be found, and it will be up to someone like Livia to analyze the evidence and finally determine her sister's fate.
Nicole's older sister, Livia, a fellow in forensic pathology, teams up with Megan in a quest to find out the truth about her sister.
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