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Synonyms for forenoon

the time of day from sunrise to noon


Synonyms for forenoon

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No less than five persons, during the forenoon, inquired for ginger-beer, or root-beer, or any drink of a similar brewage, and, obtaining nothing of the kind, went off in an exceedingly bad humor.
The coffee-room had no other occupant, that forenoon, than the gentleman in brown.
Mother's made me as I hardly know where I am, with what she's been saying to me this forenoon.
The nectar yield at each time of day was calculated in the following manner: forenoon nectar yield = calculated forenoon TSS - sunrise nectar yield.
Wednesday May 3[r]d In the morning cloudy but turned out a fine day tho cold--Miss Haly came in the forenoon and after luncheon she drove with us and we then left her at home.
WE should, by rights, be sitting around a rather grand birthday lunch table at Goswick Golf Club this forenoon, toasting The Byreman's lost balls and the birdies that got away (if you'll pardon the expressions).
He wrote on July 20, 1918: "We are going over the top this forenoon and God in Heaven knows who will come out of it alive.
We are going over the top this forenoon and only God in Heaven knows who will come out of it alive.
The transaction was announced in the forenoon of November 11, 2011 as a RMB 500 million 3 year bond in the 4.
We all know what we would be doing in the forenoon on February 26.
Shinn, an attorney of Sacramento, who was instrumental in organising [sic] the fruit growers of California, also spoke at the forenoon session.
Preparations for the drill were suspended for more than an hour in the forenoon hours in light of warnings of a genuine terrorist alert.
A Meeting therefore of the Nobility and Gentry of the Neighbouring Country, and of the Inhabitants of this Town, is requested on Thursday the 21st Instant, at the Swan Inn, at Eleven in the Forenoon, to consider of proper Steps to render effectual so useful an undertaking.
There were both forenoon and afternoon lunches for the crew.
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