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a woman ancestor

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Miller); Colette's legacy (Diana Holmes); parody and pastiche in the reworkings of a German feminist text by Irmtraud Morgner (Lyn Marven); foremothers in Italian women's fiction of the 1990s (Claudia Bernardi); Pascale Roze's explicit acknowledgement of debt to Marguerite Duras (Julia Waters); feminist reinterpretations of canonical British texts by male authors (Monica Germana); how explicit disavowal of debt to female precursors and disconnection from politics are contradicted by textual evidence in works by Judith Hermann, Sarah Kirsch, and Christa Wolf (Claudia Gremler) and in the new generation of French women writers (Shirley Jordan); Elsa Morante's legacy (Adalgisa Giorgio).
And the three women's foremother Myrka was the daughter of the maid Maria and the master of the farm at Snaefellsnes where Maria worked; at the mistress's request, the baby girl was exposed at birth on the banks of the river Myrka, but was accidentally found and rescued by Crazy-Tobbi, a blacksmith at Longufjorur.
With such a foremother, how can lesbians have fallen off the radar, the butt of jokes instead of the vanguard of taste?
Jewel is on the way to growing into her extraordinary voice, which can mimic singers from Linda Ronstadt to Rickie Lee Jones to Bob Dylan; in Lilith's only homage to a foremother, Jewel sang Patti Smith's ``Dancing Barefoot'' while wearing high heels.
Just as Zora Neale Hurston remained prolific during her careers as a fiction writer, folklorist, essayist, critic, and playwright, the critical, biographical, and other literature examining Hurston's work has continued to proliferate since Alice Walker reclaimed her literary foremother in the 1970s.
What TV journalist-turned-biographer A'Lelia Bundles discovered about her celebrated foremother, hair-care enterpreneur and philantrophist Madam C.
With the 1995 publication of his novel Somebody Else's Mama, David Haynes gently alters that received and gendered literary genealogy: He chooses "somebody else's" foremother.
One of the city's most famous gay nightspots, 't Mandje, owned by Dutch lesbian foremother Bet van Beeren, opened its doors in 1927.
A foremother of child welfare protection laws while executive secretary of the Canadian Council on Social Welfare in 1926, Whitton was a lifelong conservative.
Best known for her autobiographical novel Ramza (1958), which recounts the struggle of an aristocratic Egyptian woman to marry the man of her choice, Out El Kouloub (1899-1968) is a recently recovered foremother to the many Egyptian women who are writing today.
A foremother of the movement, she joins legal scholars such as Derrick Bell, Kimberle Crenshaw, Richard Delgado, Harlon Dalton, Chuck Lawrence, and Mari Matusda, all of whom have transcended the typically turgid law review article format to present their views on the persistence of prejudice and its many manifestations, one of the central themes of critical race theory.
As a writer and publisher, government official and committed member of her community, she remains a major figure in African literature and a literary foremother for succeeding generations of African women writers.
Without it, the structure comes tumbling down like a house of cards - or the genealogy of a person whose foremother may have strayed from the narrow path of virtue.
One reviewer points out that: "Instead of addressing the racist rhetoric Margaret Sanger employed in her birth control crusades, she is repeatedly mentioned as a near-sainted feminist foremother, with not a word about her alliance with eugenicists.
Interestingly, Arundhati Roy's mother, Mary Roy, is a foremother in a feminist context.