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Synonyms for forelock

a lock of hair growing (or falling) over the forehead

a lock of a horse's mane that grows forward between the ears


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04"TAKE time by the forelock. Don't let time take your forelock," was the advice in consultant Mr PA Chinn's advert.
The Jordanian actress unashamedly chopped off her locks in a French style of one side buzzed off and the other side with an elongated forelock.
Implied here is no attempt by research or sheer intellectual genius to grasp reality by its quantized forelock, no suggestion that man's mind is no more than a quantum mechanical automaton.
I'll also be watching William and Harry - The Brother Princes: Tonight (Thursday, STV, 7.30pm) which will see News At Ten's Julie Etchingham tug her forelock as she joins Princes William and Harry on their joint charity tourofsouthernAfrica.I'llalsobetuning in to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (Friday, BBC1, 10.35pm) where he will be speaking to Kylie Minogue .
"He's very unpopular and seen as some sort of throwback to the days of forelock tugging and colonialism."(ANI)
There is not a moving creature, but He hath grasp of its forelock.") and many others.
A stickler for pomp and circumstance, she demanded lavish displays of blatant forelock tugging.
It carried a hint of the faithful old retainer touching his forelock and muttering: "Thankee kindly master."
A distinctive forelock curves down between their eyes.
For example, a person with WS may have a white forelock, a patch of white hair near the forehead and no hearing impairment.
But, judging from the evidence provided by Bird, he remained at heart a chore boy, tipping his forelock to Mr.
Dan din - surreptitious (the way the whole shebang was arranged); bowo a pheswch - forelock tugging (shame on everyone present).
As for me, I'm one of those Lefties he despises so much, and I don't tug my forelock to anyone.
Mr Farron argues that even people who want Theresa May back as Prime Minister should consider voting Lib Dem so the UK can have a strong opposition and local MPs who won't "just tug their forelock to the Conservative whips in Westminster".