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the forelimb of a quadruped

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Mattie was still limping slightly the following morning so I took her to the vet clinic, where they shot an X-ray of her foreleg. Dr.
There didn't appear to be anything untoward as Shaneshill was grazing away, but Vautour was found to have broken his foreleg.
In Broccoli's case, the bones in the right foreleg had exploded on impact with lots of tiny fragments.
Carlton House has been the longtime favourite for the premier Classic, but doubts over his participation arose after he developed swelling in his near foreleg.
I placed her left foreleg through the near leg hole.
Flood's mount Schindlers Hunt fell at the third fence in the Melling Chase, fracturing his near foreleg and having to be put down.
Inquiries failed to establish who the owner was, and when the inspector returned he found the horse in the barn with an untreated wound to the left foreleg.
The way four-legged animals walk has been well known since the 1880s, when the English photographer Eadweard Muybridge created motion-capture sequences that revealed the order of leg movement: The left hind leg moves forward, followed by the left foreleg, the right hind leg, and right foreleg.
A fossil of a foreleg believed to belong to a large plant-eating dinosaur was excavated in a stratum from the Cretaceous period in Katsuyama, Fukui Prefecture, the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum said Wednesday.
Having got his head and hairy fight foreleg through
Here, the evidence for sexual dimorphism in male foreleg morphology within wolf spiders (family Lycosidae) is reviewed and shown to occur in a number of species belonging to at least seven genera in five subfamilies: Alopecosa, Hogna, Schizocosa (all Lycosinae) Pirata (Piratinae), Evippa, (Evippinae), Pardosa (Pardosinae) and Artoria (Artoriinae).
To relieve this anxiety, he may repetitively lick his foreleg until it is raw or chew his own paw two very common expressions of anxiety.
(2006) assessed the effects of nine pesticides individually (at 0.10 ppb) and in combination (each at 0.10 ppb) on time to foreleg emergence and time to complete tail resorption in Rana pipiens.
However, Butler said: "I am sorry to give you this news about one of our stable stars Jack Sullivan, who has met with a tendon injury to his near foreleg. It will require quite a bit of time off, but the vets are quite confident that we will get him back in time for next year's Godolphin Mile.
The monumental Standing Figure (Beef), 2004, raises a foreleg as if in benediction, long flaps of cast, serrated belly hanging open like a monk's robes.