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a woman who is foreperson of a jury


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The short sequence included in his 1941 volume Going To and Fro and Walking Up and Down includes the story of Amelia, "just fourteen and out of the orphan asylum; at her first job--in the bindery, and yes sir, yes ma'am, oh, so anxious to please" (Reznikoff 2005, 207), whose hair, while she is prodded by the forelady to work with even greater speed, is caught in the press and pulled in graphic detail from her scalp.
I was promoted to forelady and given $75 a month to oversee 40 women." (127) Interestingly, neither of these woman recalled whether their promotion or authority over men was considered abnormal in the 1930s.
True, it's a prestigious spot, befitting Ramona's dignity as forelady. Indeed, until the year before last that chair belonged to my mother, who outranks any forelady as Mrs.
Back in 1928 the writer had the good fortune to make a picture, unknown to the subjects therein, which showed the chief defense attorney in a sensational murder trial lunching with the forelady of the jury at the courthouse sandwich bar.
Pick up your pine!" The words have haunted me all my life, echoes of high school and university summers spent working the trimline at Dole Pineapple Cannery in Honolulu, the forelady urging us on to faster and faster production.
My mother did house-cleaning and later she became a forelady in first a blouse factory and then a doll factory.
At the beginning we had a head forelady and two section heads overseeing 48 tables.
Maybe not all women could manage as well as this forelady of a swing shift but everyone who has extra work on their hands these war days can profit by her advice.
Barbaresi worked at her husband's store, as a forelady in a plastics factory, and as a head teller for the former Worcester County National Bank.