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Synonyms for foreknowledge

prior knowledge


  • prior knowledge
  • advance knowledge
  • previous understanding

Synonyms for foreknowledge

knowledge of an event before it occurs

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Hence the agony of foreknowledge combined with the impotence to do anything about it.
Merely relying on selling pottery and handmade products as an income source, caused them to struggle to fulfil their daily needs, which led the artisans towards thinking of developing a handicrafts festival, to encourage people to visiting the village without foreknowledge knowing that seven years later, it will be one of the most awaited annual festivals.
To explore God as He is cloaked in His laws and foreknowledge, He is absolutely immutable.
At its barest minimum, he is no stranger to the law....He cannot claim good faith in relying on the documents, unaware of an irregularity on its face, when he had foreknowledge of MAPTRA's ineligibility,' Leonen wrote.
Visually accessing veridical foreknowledge is unlike the uncertain process of generating predictions.
Also, by making public his notion that the monarchy in Nepal ended with the royal palace massacre, his dearth of knowledge of constitutionalism and monarchies has not only been revealed, but somehow, given his latter day republicanism, he hints at a level of foreknowledge that demystifies the massacre itself.
He was already lining up friendly matches against some of the best teams in Africa and when he realized he was being frustrated by the football body in this country, he quietly tendered his resignation and ceased being the coach of our national team.It is only those that are capable of laughing at our folly that took the matter lightly and must have nodded their heads in agreement with the foreknowledge that Put was too good for those he worked for.
'The money was added without a foreknowledge, the ministry then started work on mosques' construction, which is still underway', he said.
Judge Niclas Parry told Mold Crown Court yesterday it was "plain as a pikestaff" that they had foreknowledge of the burglaries.
They are stellar people who embody quality, inventiveness, information, foreknowledge and who drive the development of their businesses with vision and motivation.
Sun Tzu said that the key to striking and conquering is foreknowledge."
On the April 4 chemical attack used by the Syrian regime, he stressed "we are still acquiring and continuing to analyze all intelligence related to the question of whether Russian officials had foreknowledge of the Syrian CW attack." He noted that the International Community assesses that Russia "is likely to be more aggressive in global affairs, more unpredictable in its approach to the United States and more authoritarian in its approach to domestic policies and politics." "We assess that Russia will continue to look to leverage its military support to the Assad regime to drive a political settlement process in Syria on their terms," he remarked.
Her lawyer slammed a movie "Patriots Day" for suggesting that Russell had foreknowledge of the bombing carried out by Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. defines "prescience" as "knowledge of things before they exist or happen; foreknowledge; foresight."
We've reached the golden years; taking away foreknowledge of them was Prometheus' greatest gift to mankind.