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Synonyms for foreknow

to know in advance

Synonyms for foreknow

realize beforehand

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The following are the trislegomena in Q1: altiude 7.321, bark (v.) 5.56, bodkin (7.131), bray (v.) 4.9, calumnious 3.9, cockle 13.17, dirge 16.133, flush 2.64, foreknowing 1.29, german 17.24, glimpse 4.29, hearsed 4.23, insert 7.396, inward (adv.) 9.205, jelly 2.118, joyfully 7.19, jump (meaning "exactly") 1.54, labourer 1.69, redeliver 7.139, springe 3.59, tragedian 7.
All the other phenomena are of a piece with this--hunches, premonitions, foreknowing, and perhaps perceptions of destiny.
THERE IS AN OLD JOKE that then-Cardinal Karol Wojtyla wrote The Acting Person foreknowing that as pope he would be able to assign the book as required reading for Polish seminarians in purgatory.
Eusebius prefaces these selections with his own brief account: God, foreknowing the ascendancy of the Romans and the role their empire would play in making possible the transmission of Christianity to all peoples, prompted Ptolemy to commission Greek translations of the Hebrew Bible for "public libraries" (PE 8.1.6-8).
While "Gipsy Child" involves primarily foreknowing rather than remembering, a type of memory does play a role in the poem.
Now he understood what it was she had brought into the tent with her, what old Isham had already told him by sending the youth to bring her in to him--the pale lips, the skin pallid and dead-looking yet not ill, the dark and tragic and foreknowing eyes.
All his beauty on him glowing, And my heart stood still within me, In a sense of dread foreknowing, For I saw the instant passion Through his hot blood mounting higher, Till his burning eyes devoured me In their fierce exultant fire.