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Synonyms for foreknow

to know in advance

Synonyms for foreknow

realize beforehand

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Foreknow is the fastest-growing location intelligence marketing platform worldwide, providing innovative digital engagement through artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to top enterprise retailers.
Several other models are used by the financial experts and financiers to foreknow the riskiness of any fundamental security.
Previous VSM representation faces an open text feature space and cannot foreknow the vector space dimension.
Anyone who admits, as I do, that God foreknows everything in the future will have to grant me that.
* Intelligence represents a capacity to foreknow emerging realities or to discover the information not publicly available employing systematic approaches.
Death they could not but foreknow / Yet to save their country's honour / Died, their faces to the foe.
The divine beings in Malamud's works include the Angel of Death, who appears in "Idiots First" as a man named Ginzburg who has "hairy nostrils and a fishy smell." Noting this may help to support Stephen Bluestone's reading, which is similar to Ahokas's when he sees Salzman as "an enigmatic figure who seems to foreknow all, [Salzman] is the matchmaker-God (frankly smelling of fish) of the Sixth Day." (7) I would not like to follow Bluestone quite that far, but I will argue that Salzman is to be read as an angel figure, an angel with matchmaking duties.
Fain was he to foreknow that heaven which was his promised home; he would not enter as a stranger god mansions unknown": Ovid, 1989, 131-33 (3.157-60).
(33) To identify with the evacuated Dandy is to make it rise again, to possess it of the attributes of the discursive subject whose dispossession has allowed Baudelaire to foreknow his artist's fate in the Dandy.
Not that I assert poets to be prophets in the gross sense of the word, or that they can foretell the form as surely as they foreknow the spirit of events: such is the pretence of superstition which would make poetry an attribute of prophecy, rather than prophecy an attribute of poetry.
It is another of Reason's attempts to play God--to foreknow and judge without responsibility or consequence.
But in this life, where we can neither know nor foreknow perfectly the meaning of divine justice, we also can without injustice will certain things that are not just according to divine justice; but this alone pertains to us that, where we are ignorant of what pleases God more, we should choose above all that which concords with tender pity [pietati concordat].
How Much Does God Foreknow? A Comprehensive Biblical Study.
And to foreknow was to will also; at last his own will and the divine will were one.
In Milton's cosmos, God may not necessarily predestine but he surely foreknows. Milton follows tradition in establishing Hell as another place with the potential of its inhabitants to enter and conquer our territory, as in the Christian belief that Satan escaped and invaded Eden.