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the quality of being alien or not native

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Or put another way, what is the matter with foreignness?
What is foregrounded here is the foreignness of and between languages which can never be domesticated or transmitted, and which is, paradoxically, nonetheless the reason for cross-cultural communication or translation.
Therefore, English foreignness and disclosing the country of origin of a brand have become brand identity strategies that can alter consumers' choices in product and service categories (HILLENBRAND et al., 2013; BRODIE; BENSON-REA, 2016).
With this gap in mind, we investigate the conditions in which foreignness emerges as a valuable asset for transnational entrepreneurs (TEs) of micro and small enterprises.
In making a sustained examination into the lives of Pentecostal Christians in a slum in Chennai, anthropologist Nathaniel Roberts' To Be Cared For: The Power of Conversion and Foreignness of Belonging in an Indian Slum signals an important contribution to the anthropology of religion.
On the other hand, foreignness is often equated with viciousness,
Globalization leads to the fact that people are confronted with foreignness within their traditional settings.
This type of foreignness, however, does not diminish the story or its characters.
If an individual's foreignness is found to be at or above "51 percent confidence" (Gellman & Poitras, 2013, "Roots in the '70s" section, para.
Foreignness transforms itself from alienated things into expression; mute things speak as 'symbols.'" Here, instead, everything remained silent--at least until the disco music started up again.
Ultimately, Cassin shows how contemporary philosophy opens up the political stakes of rootedness and uprootedness, belonging and foreignness, helping us to reimagine our relations to others in a global and plurilingual world.
Mohammad Saad Al-Hajri stressed on Thursday that civic communities play a crucial role in teaching young generation how to reject violence and extremism and embrace foreignness and tolerance.
Participation in alliances can lead to better international performance because alliances act as a source of new knowledge and resources that SMEs can use in order to develop their international organizational capabilities, which will help them overcome the disadvantages of smallness and foreignness in a specific country (Cegarra-Navarro, 2005; Street & Cameron, 2007).
Selzer found "a foreignness upon the pavement." But the "it" is not an "it" at all, but fetal body parts which a hospital