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of persons born in another area or country than that lived in


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The ratio of the total foreign-born population compared to native-born ranged from 1.7% in Poland to 45.8% in Luxembourg.
The team behind the proposal put forward new evidence of its historical importance, factoring in its significance to foreign-born Taiwanese and its recent use as a rally point for certain important events.
Not since 1910, when immigrants seeking the American dream were streaming into Ellis Island in New York Harbor, has so big a percentage of the population been foreign-born.
While baseball continues to go global every minute, with team owners willing to pay a king's ransom for foreign-born talents, the game locally is still healing from years of neglect.
The foreign-born population stood at 13.7% in 2017, or 44.5 million people, according to the data, compared with 13.5% in 2016.
Researchers suggested a number of reasons for the difference in foreign-born and U.S.-born residents, such as foreign-born immigrants not having internalized anti-immigrant sentiment.
But a November 2017 Economic Commentary article published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland examines a different question: "Do foreign-born workers cause native-born workers to move or leave the labor force?" Authors Allen Dizioli and Roberto Pinheiro find that in states with higher percentages of foreign-born workers, native-born workers are more likely to either move to a different state or drop out of the workforce altogether.
Each Korea Baseball Organization club can hire up to three foreign-born players.
Using individual-level data, we calculate both the probability of an individual dropping out of the labor force and of migrating to another state as the fraction of the foreign-born population changes, controlling for demographic and local labor market characteristics.
For instance, in the United States in the health care profession 27% of surgeons are foreign-born while in the education profession 40% of engineering professors are foreign-born.
In 2013, median earnings for men ages 25 through 64 who work full-time were 26% lower for U.S.-born Hispanics than for non-Hispanic whites, and 47% lower for foreign-born Hispanics.
Fourteen percent of the population was foreign born in 2014 but 23 percent of newborns had foreign-born mothers, a Pew Research Center ( analysis of 2014 Census data, the latest available, released Wednesday indicated.
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