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the government department in charge of foreign relations

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Pakistan desires to move forward in accordance with the Tripartite Agreement of 1974 wherein the Prime Minister of Bangladesh desired that the people of Bangladesh should 'forget the past and make a fresh start,' according to the foreign office.
In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakaria termed the allegations baseless and the reporting of such stories in Indian media "highly regrettable".
The Foreign Office has joined UK police and emergency services in signing up to the new alert service that will help get correct and up to date emergency information to British Nationals who are caught up in crisis situations overseas.
According to military experts, the presence of Foreign Office officials and the provision of training and equipment to the opposition mean that British Special Forces are likely to be operating in Syria.
Dr Howells, 53, had a successful ministerial career until he left the Foreign Office, holding several ministerial portfolios under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, including roles at the Foreign Office, education, transport and culture.
The Foreign Office in London said its concern was to ensure next of kin of the British victims were informed.
A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: "We can confirm the death of the British honorary consul on Montego Bay in Jamaica.
The Foreign Office had originally sparked confusion by declaring it was safe to travel to Mexico.
A Foreign Office spokesman said the 64-year-old, travelling under his real name Paul Gadd, was denied entry to Hong Kong and had now returned to Bangkok.
The Foreign Office confirmed a Briton had died on Thursday afternoon but said it understood the death was not directly related to the earthquake.
It is understood that this was indeed an option floated within the Foreign Office as a possible course of action should the Government lose the Commons vote on military action on March 18 -two days before the US launched air strikes on Iraq.
Lib Dem David Laws said: "It seems bizarre that the Foreign Office needs to stock 37,000 bottles of wine at an average cost of pounds 40 each.
British Embassy officials are still being denied access to the group, and Foreign Office minister Peter Hain was to summon the Cuban Charge D'Affaires to see him in London today.
Britain and North Korea have agreed to strengthen cultural and educational links following a round of senior-level talks in Pyongyang earlier this month, Foreign Office officials said Thursday.
In an act of unusual bravery, Danish architects have put their savings into an ingenious building which is rented by the architectural institutions and the Foreign Office.
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