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an organization of missionaries in a foreign land sent to carry on religious work

a permanent diplomatic mission headed by a minister

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Although this is a valid point as far as nominees with dual citizenship are concerned, it is also indicative of the overall character of our foreign missions. The loyalty of most of those appointed through political patronage is to the appointing individual rather than to Country.
MP Lelatisitswe had wanted the minister to state the number of foreign mission offices and staff residences that were rented or owned by government and in which countries.
United States President Donald Trump's anti-Pakistan policy and Washington's strong lobbying against Pakistan and its inclusion in the 'Grey List' were some results of poor performance of the foreign missions.
Non-Qataris are also permitted to own real estate for the purpose of Arab and foreign missions pursuant to Law No.
The Czech police have about 400 officers in the reserve unit of which the members could be sent for foreign missions.
One of the first Americans to feel the need for American churches to take part in the British-led movement to spread the Gospel to foreign lands, Mills initiated and guided the student movement that inspired Congregationalists to organize the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM), was instrumental in the formation of the Foreign Mission School to educate indigenous people from abroad so that they could become ministers and missionaries in their homelands, and was a primary mover in the formation of the Presbyterians' United Foreign Mission Society.
At the same time, however, Thylor was a staunch supporter of Southern Baptist foreign missions, consistently leading his congregation to give generously to the Foreign Mission Board, even when stridently criticizing it for its emphasis on educational and medical missions and its overreliance on seminary graduates.
Research was wide in scope, including the archives of the Vatican and the European archives of the Franciscans, Jesuits, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, Paris Foreign Mission, Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, and the Congregation of the Mission.
However Tuesday's attack is the first such serious assault on an embassy or foreign mission in the capital, Tripoli.
Robbins (literature, Texas Christian U.) and Pullen (history, emerita, Kennesaw State U., Georgia) introduce Arnott (1873- 1963) as a Protestant missionary who wrote of her travels and foreign mission service in Angola.
January 26 2012 (TUR) -- Turkey's First Lady Hayrunnisa Gul on Thursday hosted a luncheon for wives of the diplomatic mission heads and women representatives of foreign mission in Ankara.
In guidance issued last Thursday, the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and other regulators said they do not expect financial institutions to define or treat foreign mission customers as necessarily posing a higher level of risk than other customers.
The greater scrutiny and costlier efforts of banks in handling money-laundering and terrorist risks associated with the foreign mission accounts is possibly the reason for the banks' pullout, according to diplomats.
The Circular said that the process of verification shall be made in writing and the banks shall not entertain any verbal/oral query made by visa processing agency or Foreign Mission. Similarly, the request received shall be disposed of, accordingly within seven working days from the date of its receipt, it said and added that the banks shall not charge "processing fee" under any head for above verification from the accountholder/customer either directly or through debit to his account.
'I am directed to refer to the captioned subject and to state that the home minister has been pleased to issue policy guidelines that henceforth no officer belonging to the two attached departments falling within his ministerial competence - the Sindh police and Civil Defence - would directly or indirectly contact or respond to any foreign mission or an officer or any institution under their functional domain unless express permission has been sought in advance from the home minister clearly indicating the purpose of such contact or the response as the case may be,' reads the notification.
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