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a military unit composed of foreign volunteers who serve the state

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'I've made the St Pancras Amateur Club into the British Amateur Boxing branch of the French Foreign Legion.
As a volunteer in the French Foreign Legion, Bill was a highly trained member of an elite fighting force, programmed to put personal feelings to one side.
Even though this is a tenner I don't want to collect, you can't really bet against Chelsea's foreign legion can you?
RAB McLAREN is praying Ivano Bonetti's foreign legion can help his dismal Downfield side bring an end to their erratic form.
WALTER SMITH is planning to clear out his foreign legion at the end of the season.
THE case of a French Foreign Legion deserter who stabbed a Good Samaritan to death should be referred to the Parole Commissioners Board, a lawyer argued yesterday.
STEVE ARCHIBALD is set to add Bulgarian international Ilian Kiriakov to his foreign legion.
Eskilsson became an instant hit at Tynecastle when he arrived in October as part of the "Foreign Legion" with Gilles Rousset and Pasquale Bruno.
Red-faced Foreign Legion squaddies started a huge fire when they blasted ammunition into tinder dry trees near Marseille during a training session.
The French Foreign Legion's image is embodied in the classic tale Beau Geste, in which a sadistic sergeant makes life hell for those in his command.
JONNY WILKINSON will tell Newcastle he has no intention of joining Racing Metro and becoming the latest member of England's French foreign legion.
The AZ Alkmaar ace will join the Govan foreign legion at the end of the season.
Q WHAT are the origins of the French Foreign Legion?
Hibs' foreign legion also features French duo Franck Sauzee and Alex Marinkov, Finn Mixu Paatelainen, Russel Latapy, from Trinidad and Tobago, and Icelander Olle Gottskalksson.
"Harry looked like something from the Foreign Legion when he came out of the barber's.
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