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any state of which one is not a citizen

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Exemption may apply whenever substantive spending occurs on defense-related purchases within a foreign country or when the department or its partners transport items into a foreign country.
Panelo earlier said that receiving information from foreign country was not illegal since it was part of a process called intelligence information sharing.
Natural-born citizens of the Philippines who, after the effectivity of this Act, become citizens of a foreign country shall retain their Philippine citizenship upon taking the aforesaid oath.
Authorization for VAT exemption is required from a foreign country's government.
A petition had been filed in the SHC against the key PPP leaders Faryal Talpur, Manzoor Wasan, Nasir Hussain Shah, Sohail Anwar Siyal and others for allegedly holding work permits of a foreign country and not disclosing it in their nomination papers for elections.
The man was convicted of communicating with a foreign country, recruiting agents in government institutions for the purpose of obtaining sensitive information relating to bank accounts and real estate properties of customers of two banks and a government department and passing the information on to a foreign country.
The district court dismissed the suit, holding that "torts occurring on American embassies are barred by the foreign country exception."
520 million to foreign country till from 2011 to date and all record of this present in FBR.
The IRS has issued final regulations providing guidance to determine whether an expanded affiliated group (EAG) has substantial business activities in a foreign country for purposes of determining if it should be treated as a surrogate foreign corporation.
Abu Dhabi - The State Security Circuit at the Federal Supreme Court will pronounce its verdict in the case of a man charged with delivering classified information of a public department to a person working for a foreign country on March 30.
Summary: Suspect is accused of 'spying for foreign country in order to damage political and military status of United Arab Emirates.'
Summary: The police at Rafik Hariri International Airport foiled an attempt to smuggle illegal pills to a foreign country Sunday.
In case it is not possible for the individual to provide these documents (because such documents do not exist in the foreign country, or because of any other similar reasons), then a certificate from any other public or municipality or other recognised authority which states the address of the above mentioned individual in this foreign country is acceptable.Foreign public documents prepared in the country of residence should bear the Apostle of Hague [N.
The lawsuit is related to movable or immovable property situated in the foreign country;
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