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a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a foreign country for publication or broadcast

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Foreign correspondents covering Southeast Asia have admitted that they could not have succeeded without the guidance and expertise of local journalists acting as mediators, or 'fixers'.
AK: I did not see myself as a foreign correspondent until the 1990s, when it seemed to me the best way of doing what I enjoyed: learning about foreign cultures and communicating what I found to American audiences.
In an age when news organizations are less inclined to leave a full time foreign correspondent abroad for a long period and more inclined to fly them in and out as "firefighters," the fixer's role appears, therefore, even greater today particularly given the dearth of knowledge by foreign reporters in a particular situation.
However, just after removing Mohyeldin, the network decided to send its chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, into Gaza.
He started to work as a foreign correspondent for Swedish Radio in 2001, and mainly covered Asia and the Middle East.
Career: Became a respected foreign correspondent, reporting from 53 countries, including a four-year stint in South Africa.
He was also foreign correspondent in Europe and South-East Asia for NRC Handelsblad, corporate communications director of Philips and board member of a publishing company.
In the "Foreign Correspondent" program, Zygier's identity was revealed but little else, and Israel has yet to comment on ABC's findings.
BBC foreign correspondent Lyse Doucet called Marie "the bravest of the brave and the kindest of the kind".
The Morris Lecture honors Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent Joe Alex Morris, Jr., who covered the Middle East for 25 years before he was killed during the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
Summary: Foreign correspondent Marie Colvin died in Syria trying to retrieve her shoes so she could escape a bomb attack in Homs.
Hamilton highlights the period between the World Wars, calling this the "Golden Age" of the foreign correspondent. Contributing to this Golden Age was the fact that the United States had not been drawn directly into the great conflicts of the period and was still seen as mainly a benign presence.
However, as the show progressed, he found himself in the shadow of several BBC News heavyweights, including senior foreign correspondent David Bradburn, his production team, and Margaret Hollis from the World Service.
Publications such as ClimateWire, Food Chemical News, and Bloomberg News offer more specialized and detailed information to smaller elite audiences often built around narrowly targeted financial, lobbying, and political interests, write Tyler Marshall, a former Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent, and the editors at Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.
LEGENDARY foreign correspondent Sir Charles Wheeler has died at 85 from cancer.
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