foreign aid

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aid (such as economic or military assistance) provided to one nation by another

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675 billion including Rs.144.3 billion as foreign aid component.
The assistance including Rs 13.4 billion grant and Rs 93.6 billion loan is however less than Rs 150.8 billion worth of foreign aid received in the same period of the last fiscal year 2017/18.
This, in brief, is the crux of how foreign aid was consumed in this particular project.
If Denmark decides to use cryptocurrency to disburse foreign aid, the announcement will likely spark a price increase, as the announcement will provide credibility.
Committee member and Tongaren MP Eseli Simuyu said there is a need to review the policies on foreign aid as the country adopts self sustainability.
Yet, foreign aid is crucial in the Caribbean, where wealthy countries and global agencies provide funds and technical assistance.
Why should we keep sending them so much foreign aid? Today I will begin work to end that.
"We don't have any strategy for Public investment and mechanism to prioritize and categories the project for domestic funding or foreign aid," said the source.
In the book under review, Stallings and Kim look at the foreign aid policies of three of these actors Japan, South Korea, and China--focusing on the economic model that characterizes their behavior as donors.
foreign aid by about a third, to less than $30 billion.
Abidjan: The African Economic Conference convened for its second day of deliberations to explore the impact of foreign aid on domestic tax collection and the effective utilization of donor aid in Africa.
YOUR correspondent Doug Bragg asks that we cancel all foreign aid. While I know - from my own personal experience - of more than one misguided aid project, the overall impact of foreign aid is to benefit the British economy.
The African Economic Conference, organised by the African Development Bank and partners, convened for its second day of deliberations on Tuesday, to explore the impact of foreign aid on domestic tax collection and the effective utilisation of donor aid in Africa.
The foreign aid flow to Bangladesh during the first five months (July-November) of the current fiscal year (FY18) continued its encouraging trend as it was $824.51 million higher than the corresponding period of the last fiscal year (FY17), reports BSS.
Foreign aid groups contributed some $285 million in funding for development and emergency relief in 2016, and employ over 5,000 local staff, it said.The government's latest move against charities appears to be part of a drive that began two years ago against such foreign-funded groups, citing suspicions that some of them were being used as fronts for spying by Western countries.
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