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a spy for a foreign country

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On December 13, Butina pled guilty to one of the charges on collision aimed at the violation of the laws on foreign agents in the US.
"He is supportive of requiring Al Jazeera, for example, to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act," the spokesperson said.
Russia has declared nine US media outlets, including Voice of America and Radio Liberty, to be foreign agents, BBC reported.
The shows are editorial and independent, and I think if there were a court case [the Justice Department] would have a hard time proving or demonstrating that RT is acting as a foreign agent." 
"The term "foreign agent" carries extremely negative connotations and could lead to stigmatization, mistrust and hostility towards activists, human rights defenders and civil society organizations," he said.
LAHORE -- Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah termed Rehman Malik as foreign agent saying that his agency (FIA) was abducting people from Punjab.
Jirias' brother and lawyer, Sabri Jirias, said the charge was meeting a foreign agent. "Jirias [thought] he was just meeting with an old friend," he said.
The SAFE Act addresses some of the most problematic provisions of the Patriot Act, including limiting "sneak and peek" warrants, requiring evidence that a suspect is a spy or foreign agent before business records may be searched, and creating new sunset provisions for specific aspects of the Patriot Act.
The compositions include microbial delivery vehicles such as nonvirulent bacteria comprising a first gene encoding a nonsecreted foreign cytolysin operably linked to a heterologous promoter and a second gene encoding a different foreign agent. The foreign agent may be a nucleic acid or protein, and is frequently bioactive in and therapeutic to the target eukaryote.
New York Times columnist William Safire, who helped break the scandal, makes the sinister case for China, suggesting that Huang could be a foreign agent.
Rollins International, the consulting company of Edward Rollins, former aide to Ronald Reagan and GOP political consultant, was the registered foreign agent for the China Chamber of International Commerce and the municipality of Nanjing, China.
The estimate is a conservative one that does not include donations to House Armed Services Committee members from leftover funds in the campaign committee of former Congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon while he was working as registered foreign agent of Saudi Arabia, the analysis added.
government foreign policy, pleaded guilty earlier this week to failing to register as a foreign agent.
Russian lawmakers said the move was retaliation for a demand by the US Department of Justice that Kremlin-backed TV station RT register in the United States as a "foreign agent", something Moscow has said it regards as an unfriendly act.
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