forehand drive

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(sports) hard straight return made on the forehand side (as in tennis or badminton or squash)

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The next was lost when he overhit a drive after creating an opening with a forehand drive that had Roddick scrambling.
Don't expect me to blub when the last decisive forehand drive flashes down the line past his outstretched racket.
The last two occurred after Voinea went a mini-break up at 4-3 when Henman had netted a forehand drive during a baseline rally.
forehand drive and a brilliant one-handed backhand crosscourt shot.
With this feedback fresh in their minds, the students rotate to the next station to continue practicing the forehand drive.
But an uncharacteristic forehand drive into the net put Pliskova four points to five down in the tie-break, an opportunity Halep took well by winning the next pair of points on her serve.
I think my main weapons are an improved serve - I am even striking aces now - and forehand drive.
She held to love, then broke Dementieva in the fifth game, despite suffering a heavy fall when she was wrong-footed by a forehand drive from the Russian.
TENNIS ace Maria Sharapova is famous for her forehand drive - but now she is backing a drive of an altogether different kind.
Johnson put paid to Thorpe's hopes of a second win, when in four games, with his forehand drive down Thorpe's backhand proving to be a winner, he clinched victory for the team.
They roared as Henman's forehand drive ended Ferreira's brave battle and he responded in kind - pumping his arm as he let rip a victory yell.
(1968) Accuracy in the tennis forehand drive: cinematographic analysis.
They roared as Tim's forehand drive ended Ferreira's brave battle and he responded in kind - pumping his as he let rip a victory yell.
A study of the tennis serve and the squash forehand drive by Marshall & Elliott (2000) included long axis rotations, an important factor for describing the complexity of tennis strokes, which was often neglected in previous proximal-to-distal sequencing studies.
Rob Lindley and Andy Walker (B team) showed some early resistance against the first pair but ultimately failed to tame Constance's thunderous forehand drive.